Welcome to Grace Eggleston Photography!

Grace Eggleston is a photographer, filmmaker, and conservationist originally from Michigan. She currently lives in Washington, DC where she is working towards an MFA in Film and Media Arts, focusing in Environmental and Wildlife Filmmaking. She is inspired by conservation and wildlife photographers, filmmakers, artists, scientists, and storytellers from around the world who get up close and personal with their subjects.

Grace earned her bachelors degree from the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied Communications and Nonprofit Management.

In her free time, she enjoys to travel, hike, stare at maps, say hi to dogs on the street, and embark on adventures involving water and boats. Feel free to reach out about collaborating, or just to say hello! Contact information is below.

Grace’s photos can be seen on display at Eggleston Gallery and Studios in Bath, Michigan. The gallery is owned and run by her mom, artist Melissa Eggleston. Check out Melissa’s work at melissaeggleston.com.

To buy a print, please email melissa@egglestongallery.com. Thank you for checking out the site. Come back soon for new photos!

Contact Information:
Facebook: Grace Eggleston Photography
Email: grace@egglestongallery.com
Instagram: graceeggleston
National Geographic "Your Shot" profile: Grace Eggleston